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30 Jul 2017

While shooting for a international travel show based on Goa, we bumped into Alex & Rezeda on the beach. We wanted few shots of tourists having fun on the beach for the travel film and Alex & Rezeda were kind enough to let us shoot them. A random discussion  led into them asking if we could do a small couple shoot for them and we were more than happy to oblige.  We quickly fixed on the next morning for the shoot and went ahead with deciding the clothes for the shoot. Surprisingly, they were carrying their wedding attire even though they got married a few months back in Russia. With broken English, Alex explained that they didn’t get many photographs from their wedding. We realized that this shoot was important to them.

Three dress changes, three locations, three hours of time and one amazing couple. The perfect combination for a beautiful shoot. The moment they saw the camera, magic happened.  We have shot over 100 couples in last few years. Every shoot, we need to guide the couples to pose. But this was something different. We were finding it difficult to keep up with the speed of their pose changes. We did not direct them even for a single shot. The chemistry between them was just infectious.

Have a look at the most amazing couple we ever shot.. Alex & Rezeda.. You guys rock !!

Alex_Rezeda_Blog_v001_01 Alex_Rezeda_Blog_v001_02 Alex_Rezeda_Blog_v001_03 Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa Couple Shoot Goa

01 Aug 2016

Held at the magnificent Fairmont in Jaipur, Nishita and Rohans’s wedding was uber beautiful while still keeping with tradition. We started off with a beautiful couple shoot in Alibaug, where Rohan has a farm house. Nishita styled herself to perfection and Rohan was at his dashing best. The rustic backgrounds and unrefined spaces around Alibaug were a perfect setting to showcase this gorgeous couple’s young, raw love.

The celebrations then kick started in beautiful city of Jaipur. The decor and styling was personally looked into by the family and the settings looked nothing less than a spectacular. Mehendi decor had floral printed table covers, watering can centerpieces and the extravagant blue tricycle fully covered in green creepers and fresh green ferns. A chai vendor on a bicycle covered with parande, shimmery green décor strings along with a Jaipuri umbrella made the setting look so Bollywood.

Nishita made a pretty bride in a classic Shyamal and Bhumika design. Rohan too made an handsome groom in his intricately weaved wedding sherwani. The wedding was set in a quaint temple on a small hill and made the perfect backdrop for a beautiful day wedding. The wedding mandap was decorated exclusively with marigold flowers and kaliras with delicate floral hangings in a mesh styled pattern. The use of domestic marigolds and other decorative hanging were perfect for their traditional morning wedding affair.

Watch their love story unfold in this picture series .

Location: Fairmont, Jaipur

Wardrobe by: Shyamal & Bhumika

MW_Nishita_Rohan-01 MW_Nishita_Rohan-02 MW_Nishita_Rohan-03 MW_Nishita_Rohan-04 MW_Nishita_Rohan-05 MW_Nishita_Rohan-06 MW_Nishita_Rohan-07 MW_Nishita_Rohan-08 MW_Nishita_Rohan-09 MW_Nishita_Rohan-10MW_Nishita_Rohan-12 MW_Nishita_Rohan-13 MW_Nishita_Rohan-14 MW_Nishita_Rohan-15 MW_Nishita_Rohan-16 MW_Nishita_Rohan-17 MW_Nishita_Rohan-18 MW_Nishita_Rohan-19 MW_Nishita_Rohan-20 MW_Nishita_Rohan-21 MW_Nishita_Rohan-22 MW_Nishita_Rohan-23 MW_Nishita_Rohan-24 MW_Nishita_Rohan-25 MW_Nishita_Rohan-26 MW_Nishita_Rohan-27 MW_Nishita_Rohan-28 MW_Nishita_Rohan-29 MW_Nishita_Rohan-30 MW_Nishita_Rohan-31 MW_Nishita_Rohan-32 MW_Nishita_Rohan-33 MW_Nishita_Rohan-34MW_Nishita_Rohan-34a MW_Nishita_Rohan-35 MW_Nishita_Rohan-36 MW_Nishita_Rohan-37 MW_Nishita_Rohan-39 MW_Nishita_Rohan-40 MW_Nishita_Rohan-41 MW_Nishita_Rohan-42 MW_Nishita_Rohan-43 MW_Nishita_Rohan-44 MW_Nishita_Rohan-45 MW_Nishita_Rohan-46 MW_Nishita_Rohan-47 MW_Nishita_Rohan-48 MW_Nishita_Rohan-49 MW_Nishita_Rohan-50 MW_Nishita_Rohan-51 MW_Nishita_Rohan-52 MW_Nishita_Rohan-53 MW_Nishita_Rohan-54 MW_Nishita_Rohan-55 MW_Nishita_Rohan-56 MW_Nishita_Rohan-57 MW_Nishita_Rohan-58 MW_Nishita_Rohan-59 MW_Nishita_Rohan-60 MW_Nishita_Rohan-61 MW_Nishita_Rohan-62


Watch the madness unfold in the Wedding Teaser. It will sure give you the smiles and the tears 🙂

30 Jul 2015

Pallavi runs Hakuna Matata, a global fusion cuisine restaurant in Kolkata. Prabhas manufactures jute products. Pallavi and Prabhas met in junior college in Kolkata and fell in love. There love story is truly a “Journey to Destiny”. The wedding had all the right ingredients. Marwari traditions, Punjabi dancers, a glorious Thai welcome and a couple madly in love with each other.

In no particular order, here is what we did at Pallavi and Prabhas’s wedding

1. Consumed nearly 50 shots of vodka between a 14 member team in under 20 mins (more like, were made to consume :D)

2. Danced with them at the sangeet till 4:30 in the night/morning (this time, willingly)

3. Made 50 people do a synchronous jump into a swimming pool for one shot. Made them do it again

4. Got into arguments with Thai wildlife protection officers because they won’t allow shoots in a protected forest area (even after three ‘pretty please’s ) 😀 😀

5. Made friends, really genuine and good friends.

and … almost forgot … clicked some amazing pictures and took video!

Location: Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort

Event managed by: Krishna Patel

Wardrobe by: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Sabyasachi Mukherjee Anamika Khanna

Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_02Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_01 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_04 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_05 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_06 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_07 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_08 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_09 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_10 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_11 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_12 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_13 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_14 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_15 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_16 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_17 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_18 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_19 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_20 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_21 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_22 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_23 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_24 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_25 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_26 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_27 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_28 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_29 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_30 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_31 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_032 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_33 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_34 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_35 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_36 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_37 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_38 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_39 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_40 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_41 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_42 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_43 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_44 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_45 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_46 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_321

15 Aug 2014

Dollee & Geoff, New York, 2013

This is the story of our photo-shoot with Dollee and Geoff. In the fall of 2013 Dollee hired us for covering her wedding later that year in Aamby Valley, near Pune. Soon we got into the discussion of how these two met and their love story had New York written all over it. She was a graduate student at NYU when they first met and in between countless walks in Central Park and late evening strolls across the Brooklyn Bridge, they found love.

We could think of no better place to justify their photo-story than NYC and so in October of 2013, we were on board for a first — a cross country photo-shoot.

NYC is the epitome of the modern urban way of life. Commercial, congested, over-crowded and extremely loud. But then again it has a charm to it like no other. Early morning breakfast while commuting on the subway, the never ending hustle of Times Square, the constant stream of cabs, and, of course, the ever restless New Yorkers themselves. There we were, in the midst of all this, with two people who looked so amazing with each other that for a moment, the New York effect took a backseat.

We went there hoping for a mad flurry of fall season but the weather soon changed to breezy cold. I have to give it to Dollee for being such a good sport wearing her skirts while Geoff and I were comfortably shielded in our full-length clothes. In our sojourn with the camera we traced back to key spots of their love story. Their favourite neighborhood deli, their favourite places in Central Park and heck, even their apartment building’s rooftop patio (with a killer view of Empire State Building).

My personal favorite from this shoot? The one in front of Met Life. You can imagine the insane amount of traffic present at this intersection, and yet Dollee and Geoff stood in the middle of it all with cars flying by left and right. How did we do it? Simple. Time the lights, run to the middle of the roads (we had a window of 14 seconds), click, click, click, and then run for our dear lives. Then, repeat this process 10+ times.

Here is to a couple that wouldn’t take their eyes off each other, here is to a shoot that will always occupy a special place in our hearts, here is to finding love in the Empire City!


30 Jun 2014

Poonam and Omkar are childhood friends and lovers. We have know Poonam since long, and she has been a very dear friend.  When she contacted us for her wedding we were super excited to capture their love story.  They are very different people but are still perfect for each other. Poonam is chirpy, full of energy. Omkar is calm and composed. Together they form a killer mix with infectious energy.

See their beautiful love story unfold in this picture series.

Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_001 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_002 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_003
Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_011 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_012 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_013 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_014 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_015 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_016 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_017 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_018 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_019 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_020 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_021 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_022 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_023 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_024 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_025 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_026 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_027 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_028 Poonam_Omkar_Wedding_029

05 May 2014

Urvashi and Karan met us in Mumbai and expressed the desire of doing a couple shoot in a city which has palaces. Urvashi always wanted to get married in a palatial backdrop but their wedding was happening in their hometown, Kolkata. After a lot of scheduling between Urvashi and Karan (both had extremely hectic work schedule), we decided to do the shoot in the beautiful city of Jaipur. The two looked nothing less than Bollywood actors and where ever we went for the shoot around the city, people asked us when the film was releasing 🙂

The wedding ceremonies took place in Kolkata and had all the ingredients of a Big Fat Indian Wedding. Watch the beautiful wedding in this picture series.


30 Jul 2013

Roosha and Apurva’s love story started early in college where they both were studying medical science. They finally lived their dream to get married to each other. The wedding was set in their hometown and saw three days of non stop fun. Starting off with a couple shoot in middle of the busy city and ending with a beautiful sundown wedding, the days were filled with raw emotions. Watch their love story unfold below.

MW_Roosha_Apurva-01 MW_Roosha_Apurva-02 MW_Roosha_Apurva-03 MW_Roosha_Apurva-04 MW_Roosha_Apurva-05 MW_Roosha_Apurva-06 MW_Roosha_Apurva-07 MW_Roosha_Apurva-08 MW_Roosha_Apurva-09 MW_Roosha_Apurva-10 MW_Roosha_Apurva-11 MW_Roosha_Apurva-12 MW_Roosha_Apurva-13 MW_Roosha_Apurva-14 MW_Roosha_Apurva-15 MW_Roosha_Apurva-16 MW_Roosha_Apurva-17 MW_Roosha_Apurva-18 MW_Roosha_Apurva-19 MW_Roosha_Apurva-20 MW_Roosha_Apurva-21 MW_Roosha_Apurva-22 MW_Roosha_Apurva-23 MW_Roosha_Apurva-24 MW_Roosha_Apurva-25 MW_Roosha_Apurva-26 MW_Roosha_Apurva-27 MW_Roosha_Apurva-28 MW_Roosha_Apurva-29

30 Apr 2013

Bedika and Aditya’s extravagant wedding was set in the serene Aamby Valley City in Lonavala.  The families coming all the way from Kolkata had three days of non stop fun and madness. Aamby Valley provided the perfect backdrop and Vishal and Shekhar added the required energy during the Sangeet.

Location: Aamby Valley 



15 Mar 2012

Anand and Garima’s love story is nothing short of a Bollywood film. The did it all…long distance romance, endless phone calls, travelling in trains and buses for days to meet each other. And finally when they decided to get married their wedding was nothing short of a opulent Bollywood film either. Set in the beautiful city of Jaipur, the 3 day extravaganza was a total roller coaster ride.

Location: Raj Palace Jaipur

MW_Anand_Garima-01 MW_Anand_Garima-02 MW_Anand_Garima-03 MW_Anand_Garima-04 MW_Anand_Garima-05 MW_Anand_Garima-06 MW_Anand_Garima-07 MW_Anand_Garima-08 MW_Anand_Garima-09 MW_Anand_Garima-10 MW_Anand_Garima-11 MW_Anand_Garima-12 MW_Anand_Garima-13 MW_Anand_Garima-14 MW_Anand_Garima-15 MW_Anand_Garima-16 MW_Anand_Garima-17 MW_Anand_Garima-18 MW_Anand_Garima-19 MW_Anand_Garima-20 MW_Anand_Garima-21 MW_Anand_Garima-22 MW_Anand_Garima-23 MW_Anand_Garima-24 MW_Anand_Garima-25 MW_Anand_Garima-26 MW_Anand_Garima-27 MW_Anand_Garima-28 MW_Anand_Garima-29 MW_Anand_Garima-30 MW_Anand_Garima-31 MW_Anand_Garima-32 MW_Anand_Garima-33 MW_Anand_Garima-34 MW_Anand_Garima-35 MW_Anand_Garima-36