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Nishita and Rohan’s Extravagant Jaipur Wedding

Held at the magnificent Fairmont in Jaipur, Nishita and Rohans’s wedding was uber beautiful while still keeping with tradition. We started off with a beautiful couple shoot in Alibaug, where Rohan has a farm house. Nishita styled herself to perfection and Rohan was at his dashing best. The rustic backgrounds and unrefined spaces around Alibaug were a perfect setting to showcase this gorgeous couple’s young, raw love.

The celebrations then kick started in beautiful city of Jaipur. The decor and styling was personally looked into by the family and the settings looked nothing less than a spectacular. Mehendi decor had floral printed table covers, watering can centerpieces and the extravagant blue tricycle fully covered in green creepers and fresh green ferns. A chai vendor on a bicycle covered with parande, shimmery green décor strings along with a Jaipuri umbrella made the setting look so Bollywood.

Nishita made a pretty bride in a classic Shyamal and Bhumika design. Rohan too made an handsome groom in his intricately weaved wedding sherwani. The wedding was set in a quaint temple on a small hill and made the perfect backdrop for a beautiful day wedding. The wedding mandap was decorated exclusively with marigold flowers and kaliras with delicate floral hangings in a mesh styled pattern. The use of domestic marigolds and other decorative hanging were perfect for their traditional morning wedding affair.

Watch their love story unfold in this picture series .

Location: Fairmont, Jaipur

Wardrobe by: Shyamal & Bhumika

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Watch the madness unfold in the Wedding Teaser. It will sure give you the smiles and the tears 🙂



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